What is Keyword? Functions and How to Properly Research Keywords

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What is Keyword? Functions and How to Properly Research Keywords

What do you do when you want to find information on the Internet? Of course you have to type the keyword or keyword in search engines.Keyword the right one will direct you to a website (website) that is appropriate and provides the required information. Actually, what is the keyword?

Keyword not only helps Internet users in searching for information. Owner Websites also need keywords so that websites can get on the first page of search engines as one of their digital marketing strategies. You certainly should keyword research first to find keywords that are searched for by users.

So, how to do keyword research right? Before that, you need to know first about keywords, including function and type. Read the full explanation here.

Understanding Marketing Mix You Need to Know

What are Keywords?

What are Keywords?
What are Keywords?

Keywords or keywords are word arrangements that describe the contents of the content or blog in a blog website. The arrangement of words is typed by Internet users in search engines, then stored in database search engines to analyze the needs of Internet users. It could be said that keywords are a series of words that people think of when searching for information on the Internet.

Keywords used in websites to make it easier to find in search results orSERP (Search Engine Result Page). Determinationkeyword Nor should it be haphazard or based on popular searches alone. You have to do research to find keywords that are right on target and relevant to your website.

3 Keyword Functions

Keyword Functions
Keyword Functions

Keywords hold a function important to a website, search engine (search engine), and owner website Alone. How’s the explanation?

1. ForWebsite

Keywords appropriate and relevant will make websites have the opportunity to rank at the top of the search results page. Most likely websites stay in first place for quite a long time so that it is easier for users to search for a certain time.

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2. Ford OwnersWebsite

Owner company website will also benefit when website it got the top ranking. The company’s reputation is increasing because it provides quality content. The reason is, search engine algorithms must assess the quality of the content so that they can provide better search results for their users.

3. For Search Engines

Keywords also help search engines to understand the needs of Internet users. Search engine algorithms work by analyzing keywords, then checking the website frequently visited. Search engines will provide more relevant and useful information for Internet users.

Types of Keywords and Examples

Types of Keywords and Examples
Types of Keywords and Examples

Before doing research keywords, you need to know the types of keywords first. Here are some keywords which are often used.

1. Based on Words

These categories divide keywords based on the number or length of words. There are two types keyword in this category, namely:

a. Short-tail Keyword

This type of keyword consists of two to three words and has a fairly large number of searches. The keywords are general and not very specific so they are less relevant to users.

For example: financial tips, how to apply for jobs, luxury homes, and so on.

b. Long-tail Keyword

Long-tail keyword contains more than three words and is a more specific version of short-tail keyword. You can use several keywords at the same time deep long-tail keywords thus increasing the opportunity for websites to get top rankings in search engines.

For example: ‘financial tips for facing a recession’, ‘how to apply for a job at a bank’, and so on.

2. Based on Search Intent

There is also keyword which is divided based on the user’s search intent or purpose, namely:

a. Commercial Keyword

Commercial keywords are keywords that show Internet users’ interest in a product or service. Users want to know more information about the product before deciding to buy it. You can create articles containing product comparisons, reviews, or tutorial articles with keyword This.

Example Keyword: ‘review Latest cell phone’.

b. Informational Keyword

Typekeyword This is used to search for information regarding a particular topic on the Internet.Keyword This does not aim to increase conversion rates when compared with commercial keywords. You can build brand awareness while educating the audience with informational keywords.

For example: ‘history of the Internet’, ‘what is it keyword’.

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c. Navigational Keyword

Navigational keyword useful to find website specific and usually contains the company name or trademark in it. Type Keyword This is usually used to find out information about a company or buy products from a particular brand.

For example: ‘Cloudeka Lintasarta Digischool’ to search for learning programs coding online with a scholarship.

d. Transactional Keyword

Transactional keyword contains words that contain transactions in them. You can use type keyword in strategySearch Engine Marketing (SEM) so that the ad is immediately found on the first page of the search engine.

For example: ‘buy concert tickets’, ‘rent a house in West Jakarta’, and ‘sell an apartment’.

3. Based on Time

There are also type keyboard based on certain time limits, namely:

a. Evergreen (Abadi)

Type Keywords are always sought after by Internet users and never get old. You can still get your content traffic visit with the keyword This is even though it was uploaded a long time ago.

For example: ‘how to avoid plagiarism’, ‘reasons for applying for a job’.

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Trending keyword or keyword Seasonality has the potential to increase the number of visitors if used during certain periods. You need to determine the right moment to use the type keyword This.

For example: ‘2022 world cup player list’, ‘Netherlands’s chances in the 2022 world cup’.

How to DoKeyword Research?

How to DoKeyword Research?
How to DoKeyword Research?

After understanding the types of keywords, let’s find out how to do keyword research effectively.

1. Make a List of Relevant Topics

Start by making a list of topics that are relevant to the website. These topics can help to find basic keywords and specific keywords. You can try creating 5-10 topics first as a first step.

2. Search for keywords for the topic

Next, you can identify keywords that are relevant to the topic. Use Tools SEO to make it easier for you to find keywords that come in ranking search engines.

3. Perform User Intent Analysis

User intent aka search intent is an important factor so that you can write articles or product pages that Internet users want. How to analyze it, try searching for these keywords, then analyze the content website on the first page of search engines.

Apart from the main keyword, you need to research related keywords. This research is useful so you can create a more comprehensive article. You can also answer the needs of Internet users in just one article if you include these keywords in it.

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5. Check Relevance in Keywords

You’re sure to find a lot of keywords after doing research on a particular topic. However, not all keywords must be used. Relevance is very important in doing keyword research.Here, you have to look at the needs of the audience and the business you want to develop.

Components to Pay Attention to when Choosing Keywords

Components to Pay Attention to when Choosing Keywords
Components to Pay Attention to when Choosing Keywords

In order to produce keyword quality, there are several components that need to be considered when conducting keyword research, namely:

1. Relevance

The keywords chosen must be relevant to the user’s goals (user intent). You need to understand what users are looking for and try to serve content that is relevant to the chosen keywords. This will help increase the likelihood of your content appearing in relevant search results.

2. Authority (Authority)

The keywords you choose must be closely related to the topic or niche fromwebsite You. By choosing keywords that are relevant to the existing content website You, you can build authority and power in the topic. Search engines tend to prioritize website who has a strong authority on a topic.

3. Volume Pencarian (Search Volume)

You also need to pay attention to the number of searches or search volume of the keywords you choose. This will give you an idea of ​​how many people search for that keyword each month. Choosing keywords with high search volume can help increase traffic potential (traffic) the website You.

4. Search Competition Level (Keyword Difficulty)

Apart from search volume, you also need to consider the level of competition for the keywords you choose. Competition level reflects how many competitors use that keyword in their content. Keywords with low levels of competition can provide a better chance of appearing in search results.

5. Price (Cost Per Click/CPC)

AlthoughCost Per Click (CPC) is not an influencing factor ranking in SERP (SEO), information about CPC becomes very valuable during keyword research.

Keywords with a high CPC indicate that keyword has high economic value. So you also need to target keywords with high CPC in your SEO strategy.

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Keywords play an important role in promoting websites digitally. Therefore, you should use tools best to be able to research the topic and keyword which is more competitive until website has a big chance of getting on the first page of search engines.

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